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Everyone is a phone booth!

by QforQ on 04/AUG/09 | Back to QforQ's Media

“Warlus, The Matrix Online's Community Manager and Product, stopped onto our server and turned everyone in the area into a phone booth (hardline). It was kinda cool...except you couldn't move unless you hyper jumped.

This happened on the last day of The Matrix Online, on the Vector Server in Mara Central.”

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The Matrix Online

The Matrix Online (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 22/MAR/05
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Must be terrible having a MMO that you like shut down like that.
@Rootality Yeah, it's kinda sad.

I didn't really play the game much since the summer of 2006 (when I unsubscribed), but it is the game where I have the best memories and I've had the most fun, immersive gaming experience. I'm going to miss the friends I made, and the community of MxO.
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