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Aion Potion Pack contest

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QforQ said...
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I've got 10 Potion Pack codes for Aion that I'd like to giveaway...and here is your chance!

In the comments below, let us know what you like about Aion. Whether it's a memory, a story, a cool game mechanic, your character looks badass...whatever it may be: let us know what you like about Aion.

Ultimately to enter you've got to leave a comment below answering the question, or you can answer the question in your own Game Post/Activity/Screenshot, and then link that piece of comment below in the comments.

Do all this by Tuesday 11am EST, and you will be entered to win! We'll select the 10 winners randomly shortly thereafter, and then contact them :)

So...What do you like about Aion?

Aion (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 21/SEP/09
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I like the graphical content, and the relative difficulty of the game. It seems to be fairly challenging, even at high levels. The item/character customization is quite nice, and creates a very immersive experience for the player. Add in the well-developed storyline, and this game is quite good.
I LOVE my spirit master! She kicks so much butt, literally :P I love how grand the main cities are and the general feel and look of the world, it's a very different take on fantasy.
I love castle sieges. Hundreds of players storming a fortress, welcomed by countless defenders amidst some crazy NPCs that one-shot random healers. Madness :D If only they'd fix the memory bug soon so I can enjoy the mayhem in its full glory. Oh and armor, can't wait to get the shiny level 50 daevination armor set of awesomeness....
this game truly has a freeing feel to it, having spent a lot of time playing this game since closed beta, i have had the amazing opportunity to see an mmo grow from the beginning, that is something that i will always remember! This game as a whole is just a pure fun thing to play, having the chance to talk with the people who bring us this game, it really feels like a big community of friends rather then just a company running a game... though world of warcraft will always hold a special place in my memories... this one s a BIG rival! and i look forward to being there as this mmo grows and becomes something bigger and more badass that anyone would have thought!

to put it all simply, this game is what i think an mmo should be.
I enjoy spending my time with my lover as she stands at my side as she uses her powers of divine healing to heal my wounds and then cheering me on as I take the brunt of the attack to make sure she takes little to no damage. Then being all hot and sweaty after our victory against our common foes. Oh the memories I could share about our experience with the world of Aion.
My favorite aspect of Aion is its' simplicity. It's not like WoW, where it's all about your abilities. It is a much more basic game stressing the fundamental that MMOs are based on, like aggro control and coordinating stuns.
I love everything about the game, the campaign quests really make you immersed into the game world and give you a purpose of playing, the classes are unique in their own way while still staying having a balanced weakness/strength ratio. The flying in the game makes you visualize in 3d a lot more than any other game I've played, it adds a whole new aspect to the game that I've never seen/played before. The combo/chain skills really makes the combat overall way more strategic, the leveling has a very even pace, though it is still being worked on, and the abyss is like something out of one of those "What would the perfect game be like?" type dreams I've had in the past.

The lore is amazingly epic with tons of little story's here and there that are attached to the main story. The abyss actually ties into the story perfectly and the fortress/artifact based battles are made even more hectic with the balaur added in and gives it a player run story type feeling to the game. All in all this game is just wonderful and I'll be sticking to it for a long, long time.
I absolutely love my chanter. I have an awesome time dealing out nice amounts of damage while being able to keep myself alive with heals and buffs provided by myself. The other part that I like doing is my armorsmith skill. It'll be awesome to reach the title of Expert Armorsmith!
I followed Aion three years ago when i first heard of it. Died to play it and have been glued since I tried the Cleric back in CB2. Since the CBs and the depression of OBT with GG. I have found myself jumping hurdles and bars enjoying this game. It's been my number one outlet for calm since my grandmother and aunt, who both passed away in the last two months, and been a great focus on me finding that little piece of serenity after "killing shit".

Since the release I've come to love both Clerics and Chanters. My passiona s a healer reveals itself again in this game. With my best friend, my boy friend and new found friends from around the states and Canada, I enjoy this game more and more every time I log in. From the experiance of flying, to the simple parts of just enjoying the scenery, the complicated and even detailed stories and quests that revolve around this game just keep me glued. I recommend this game more and more to everyone I know. Aion really is an experiance all it's own I trully love.
I love the people in my legion at the moment. As for things more particular to the game; I like the skill chain system, the fact that gathering is broken into two divisions that cover everything you could want rather than several narrow ones, and that I can make anything if I really want to. I also love that the pvp actually has some effect on the world and the battles really matter to some degree rather than just being a quick personal experience that "realistically" should matter but really doesn't.

The fact that I can essentially dictate what my cool new armor actually looks like after lvl 30 is also pretty awesome, no more ugly mismatching.
Personally I enjoy the level of coordination required to be successful. An MMO besides EVE that I actually see myself playing for a quite a while and that isn't another fail cascade waiting to happen like AoC.
I like Aion because of the many things you can do and having good friends/ a good legion really helps.
At level 25 i saw the Abyss and wow.. The PVP there is super! Instead of regular PVP ONLY you can also PVE! Wich makes it even more great, and damn! My character oowns at pvp. :P Most people flee though.. T.T
I've enjoyed all the smallest details they have put into this game. There's a lot of this game that is like any other MMORPG, sure, but it's so thrilling to hear your clan mates over vent say something like, "Wow, I just noticed that my guy actually puts on an earring when I equip it!"

One of my own "wow" moments was when I found out your character would raise his foot up on top of a stone block if it was in his way, rather than have his foot disappear inside of it. NCSoft has really taken the time to make a beautiful game!
I love the fact that the game takes many of the good aspects of other MMOs, polishes them a bit more, then throws the mechanic of flight on top of it all to give it the something special. It has just enough complexity and story to keep you entertained, enough grinding for those mindless moods, enough crafting for those deeply mindless moods, and is as easily accessible (and easy to pick up) as that other MMO.
Let's get right to it. You can fly with your very own pair of wings! That's just downright badass. After that the game looks beautiful. There are so many unique areas. One of the best features is the PvEvP content. It's exhilarating to take on a boss and the opposing faction (those darn Asmodians!) at the same time! Thanks for a beautiful fun game with strong team tactics NC Soft!
I've loved the complexity of PvE and PvP gameplay with it's chains, combos, cooldowns, stigma and timing that's required with it. The requirement of groups for quests means the community is more open as less players can advance in a solo to endgame sort of mindset, and the channels along with legions are great for feedback and help.

It's visually amazing, and that's also another reason why I'm in love with this game. The Siege warfare in the Abyss is non-carebear which leaves only suitably apt players for this game.

Oh, and Asmodians are awesome. ;)
I love the entire world of Aion....the beautiful backgrounds....the gameplay is fun and challenging. The character creation is deep (but not too deep). I love my Asmodian Ranger (and I also have two more Asmodians coming up one I get my Ranger to at least level 20). I love how free the flight of your character is once you reach 'Ascension'. The crafting is quite nice too. I also can't wait to try out the Sieges! I have been playing this game since Closed Beta and I plan on staying with this great MMO for a while!
I love how I can make my character my own and tweak it for my own preferred style of game play. I also really like the plot lines and how you can gain xp as well as cash by gathering and learning crafts.
I like how it has the beauty of Lineage II, yet not as hard to play as it is - yet not so easy to play like WoW so I still have a great sense of achievement.

most importantly, in playing my favourite healing class (Cleric), I am not completely unable to solo if i feel like it <3
I love the beautiful character models, the looks of armors and weapons. I also find the blend of PvE and PvP very interesting, as you can attack someone at almost any time, but on the other hand, others can attack you as well. This is great, because it makes the leveling a lot more interesting and makes you focus on the enviornment as well as your target to avoid enemy race's players. Also, it makes botting a bit harder, because bots can't fight or win with real players.
The graphics are just phenomenal! the classes and effects, the world is just completely breathtaking, but what I love most...

I can make children that don't look like FREAKS!

Love the game! Beautiful characters and awesome graphics!
The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is awesome.
What I love about Aion is that it is very remeniscent of Lineage II. Anyone who played L2, knows right away how familiar the UI looks. I feel like they mixed L2's art style with Guild Wars. The character creation system reminds me of something out of GW and I think thats why Aion hits close to home for me because it reminds me of my two favorite MMO's. I'm glad it has recieved positive feedback so far and I hope they keep improving on the game. I feel like I can solo most of the game and this is a big plus for me since I don't party often. My favorite thing about the game though has to be the character creation system. Every person you come across looks absolutely different and I like that unique quality to the game.
I love the graphics and the awesome character classes.
I really like how awesome the graphics are! Also, the combat system is cool. Oh, and the female characters are way hot, lol. I really like the fact that you get experience from gathering, that is a huuuge deal to me, cause I'm the kind of kid that would spend 10 hours gathering herbs in WoW, and just get gold. This way I can level too :D Oh and Aion isn't stupid-easy like WoW
The first 25 levels, it's all down hill form there....
The first 25 levels, it's all down hill form there....
lvl 21 Chanter - so far have really been concentrating on learning the in and outs. In depth game play and combat features combined with the numerous crafting skills keep things interesting. I do HATE the goldspammers, but they'll fix that soon enough. I do think some classes are too powerful/weak and some balancing will be needed, but all in all a very good gaming experience and I look forward to playing for a long time to come.
I'm extending this contest until tomorrow, since today is a holiday at the gamerDNA office! :)
I love the pvpve. I have never played anything like it. The scenery is outstanding, the chars are unique..and well, the entire experience is overwhelming. I love the game and plan to play for some time. The adrenaline rush I get when I run across an Asmodian is something I've not experienced in any MMO I have played.
I have played MMOs continuously for 11 years. The Aion world that has been created here is truly for MMO players. It is enthralling and beautiful but more importantly finally there is an online game that offers a real challenge and you don't have to look far to find it.
I like how AION being an Asian-made game, it has no qualms about pitting the whites against the blacks. If it is made in the USA of course the race flames will start, lol
I love that unlike other MMOs, Aion enables the players to start playing without the need for guides. the game leads you through the progression so that it feels more like fun and a game than hard work and research.
I love the way Aion handles classes. It's great to level until Lvl10 and then become something utterly different (e.g. knive wielding Scout -> sharp shooting Ranger)

Also, the graphics are nice and the plot really evolves around the player. PvP seems nifty too (although some earlier -- Lvl10 -- PvP would be rather desirable)
The winners:


I will contact you all shortly. Congrats to the winners, and thank you to everyone that participated!
I thought I loved Spirit Master...but I actually love Ranger! My Ranger, Aquilas, crits unbelievable amounts of damage!
Ehm... I still didn't get my code.. ._.
@Daniellynet Yeh I just got mine :P
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