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Just Cause 2 developer demo

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QforQ said...
  • excited
A friend of mine just sent me a link to this developer walkthrough of Just Cause 2..and it looks awesome!

Check it out:

The fantastic graphics, the very cool usage of the grappling hook + stunt parachute, and the sandbox elements all look like tons of fun. Looks like something I would enjoy quite a bit :)
Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 26/FEB/10
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Gave the first one a go from gamefly and wasn't that impressed, but the footage of #2 is looking pretty hot.
I enjoyed the first one, save for the repetitiveness of some missions. Can't wait for JC2.
I felt the same way about the original, Trapper. Then Darius (who recommended this to Sam at the last Boston Post Mortem) showed me that video and I was blown away.

In return, I introduced him to the pure awesome that is Call of Duty 4. So we're even. =)
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