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What game do you have the best memories of playing?

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QforQ said...
What game do you have the best memories of playing?

This past weekend I saw one of my favorite games of all time, The Matrix Online, shut down. While it wasn't the best game in terms of game play, it had the best community I've ever played with and it had the coolest events I've ever taken part in. The friends I've made and the memories I have with MxO are things that I'll always remember fondly, and I hope to keep in touch with those friends for years to come.

What are some of the games that, when you look back, you've had the best time with..or the best memories? If you can, please share why you've listed those games.

Here is my list, off the top of my head:

The Matrix Online
Age of Empires
Command and Conquer: Generals
Call of Duty: United Offensive
Call of Duty
Sonic the Hedgehog
GoldenEye 007
WWF Royal Rumble
Age of Empires

Age of Empires (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/2D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 30/SEP/97
Call of Duty

Call of Duty (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 29/OCT/03
The Matrix Online

The Matrix Online (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 22/MAR/05
GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007 (N64)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 25/AUG/97
Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date: 23/JUN/91
WWF Royal Rumble

WWF Royal Rumble (GEN)

Genre/Style: Sports/Wrestling
Release Date:
Command & Conquer: Generals

Command & Conquer: Generals (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 12/FEB/03
Call of Duty: United Offensive

Call of Duty: United Offensive (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 14/SEP/04
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Missing a week of college to beat Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) when it was first released.
And shouldn't you be sharing why you have fond memories of those games?
When I was in middle school, I would ride my bike down the street to my friend Mark's house. He had a C64 and a TV large enough for four of us to gather around and play M.U.L.E. That was some fierce competition!

In *this* century, my girlfriend and I have played Patrician III together and enjoyed it ... but cooperative LEGO Star Wars is always a blast.
@njiska I guess...but I can break my own rules ;)

I actually didn't list it out because I didn't want to make the post too long. But here ya go:

Age of Empires - The first RTS I played..and probably the first game that I learned to look up cheats for on the internet to unlock things like Lazer and Nuclear Missile soldiers.

Command & Conquer: Generals - I played this game quite a bit online (over dialup!) with a good friend of mine. We used to play every night or so, using our phones as a ventrilo/Teamspeak type service. We were pretty unstoppable!

Call of Duty and Call of Duty: United Offensive - First FPS that I played online pretty seriously. I joined my first clan and played semi-competitively with them. For a good two months or so I was very good at these games. Then The Matrix Online came out it sucked all my time away :P

Sonic the Hedgehog - First console game that I ever played..and probably my first game that I loved.

GoldenEye 007 - First FPS that I really loved, and first FPS that I played multiplayer. I used to play this game all the time!

WWF Royal Rumble - I have very fond memories of playing this game with my dad around Christmas time of 1993 :) Probably the first game I played with my dad :)
Perfect Dark (64) A friend and myself ran ramped on that game other friends didn't like playing use.

WWF 2000 (64) the tag team I created had over 201 wins before I lost to Triple X and the Undertaker played by a friend.

Final Fantasy 2/4 (SNES) The first FF game I played and loved it.

Gears of War 1 (360) A friend passed out drunk only to wake up and head shot a friend while I was trying to protect him.

That's some of my gaming memories.
Here's a good one, Saturn Bomberman. Earlier this year I was at the Midwest Gaming Classic with a bunch of friends. Whole lot of vendors were there. One of us found Saturn Bomberman. Immediately we tracked down a Saturn, a multitap and every Saturn pad we could find. 7 player Bomberman when smashed in a hotel surrounded by good friends is my best gaming memory of this year.
Command & Conquer: My second RTS, but my 5th Westwood Studios game. Loved that game, ran smoother than any other RTS I'd previously played and had video cutscenes at a high res (so you could make out what was being displayed).

Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries: I'd played MW2, but Mercs added money, purchasing, equipment, extra mechs, a varienty of missions to take... seems old hat now, but back then it was a rarity. And I loved it.

X-com: Classic example of a team based strategy games, with classic aliens to realy bizar creations which could rip through buildings and troopers alike. Individual members would gradually get better with every mission (more so if they managed to bag a bady). Also, funky sci-fi midi music too.
Gerry Andersons UFO in game form... Awesome (And yes, I feel OLD).

Fallout: The first of the series of the post apocolyptic roleplay games. Fumbling around in an open world with no clue what I was doing, getting turned into ugly red smears across the landscape for the first week until I realised what I was doing wrong (I.E. Picing fights I couldn't win). It had a charm all of its own though.

Dark Age of Camelot: Classic MMO warfare, with sharp sticks, bad language and overpowered elementalist ran riot. The lands where filed with profane chaos as three sides battled (and Swore) their way to victory or defeat. Did I mention the gratuitous language use? Pity they went and added spaceships, I never did understand that.

Also, it was Barrys world and Feddys house (the Dark Age forums) where I developed into the fully fledged troll you all know and.... well, know.
Final Fantasy VIII - I was sucked in it for a 3 weeks straight, until I beat it (my first years in university, and I almost dropped out of it for these weeks).

Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines. My favorite RPG of all times (still). I loved the setting, how it was rendered into CRPG and everything about it (well, except bugs, but... oh well... good thing is that community almost get rid of them by now).

Fate/stay night. Despite being a famous eroge, I find it's story most compelling of everything else that I've seen in video games.

TrackMania series. I do not know how this game manage to pump adrenaline in my veins almost instantly every time I play it. Unique game that offer real challenge every race.
I miss playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the original X-Box. My young nephews now have it, and I hope they are enjoying it as much as I did.
Final Fantasy (NES): A friend and I spent three days playing this game, only pausing to bio-break and snatch a few hours sleep. This was way before the internet and we didn't have a guide, so we had to figure everything out for ourselves. Copious notes were taken, much soda was guzzled, and the room had little ventilation and smelled like the inside of a packet of dry-roasted peanuts.

Various Point & Click Adventure games: In high school I had a friend who would get every single point and click graphical adventure that came out and we'd either go to his house or over to mine and just spend hours playing these things. I think we went through Loom in about an hour.

Final Fantasy VII: I think this game is good, but highly overrated, but that's not why I'm putting it here. It was this game that got my wife into video games. She watched me play through the entire game, following the story as I went. When I got FFVIII, she played a bit of it. When I got IX, she played through the whole thing by herself. FFIX and Chrono Cross completed my lovely wife's transformation into a gamer girl, but it was FFVII that started the process.
I have fond memories of playing Final Fantasy III (VI) with my little brother when it first came out. He would play until he got stuck, then say it was my turn and watch me play until I got past where he was, then whine until I let him play again. He cried when I won the game before he did. (It was an emotional day.)
Dark Cloud - Man I logged MEGA hours on this game. Felt I was never quite good enough to go in the caves so I kept going back to level up, and leveling up, and leveling up....then come to find out at the end of the game my character just became a monster, finished the game with no problem. Scared of the unknown I guess.

COD2 on Veteran - Silly me decides "Hey I want all the achievements I am going to play this on Veteran and rule"..Wow was I ever wrong. I can remember being stuck for a couple of weeks on one section near the end. The final battle was just BRUTAL! I can seriously put this one on of my greatest serious achievements of gaming to finish.

Rainbow Vegas 6 - How many ridiculous hours can one clock on this game. I do not know but I am definitely at the top. After achieving Elite status that was a chore within itself, you felt compelled to keep going. Why do I need to be level 13 Elite after a year after the game has been released. Do not not know, but damnit I am going to spend a Saturday Night doing so. 8^)
Super Mario Bros. 3. This game was possibly my favorite to play as a little kid and, to this day, still doesn't get boring, even after playing the super-awesome ROM hack of it made by DahrkDaiz. I think this game is the perfect 2D platformer. If not that, then at least the best 2D Mario game ever.

There're a lot more games for me to list, but I really don't feel like thinking about all of them right now because I'd be sitting here forever trying to think of things to reminisce over and anybody insane enough to read it all will end up having wasted a large amount of time doing so.
For me it's a tie between the original Contra and the NES port of Gauntlet. because these were tthe first two games where my cousin and I could play together, though we weren't always co-ordinated. There were plenty of "let's go this way...no this way...I SAID this way!!" and "up there. no up there, damn it are you even TRYING?!" and the ever popular "you stupid."

But I mean we look back fondly on those days and smiel. He recently got married and told me in a letter after the wedding that days and memories like those were the best parts of growing up.
The early days of SWG, nothing beats the first MMO when you just completely captured by the environment and the social structure
FFVII: My first JRPG and it was ace, never been topped.
Castlevania: SOTN Holds the record of my longest gameplay, 11 hours straight. Amazing soundrack, one of the bests game ever.
The original Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario World. Sonic turned me onto gaming, but it was those two Mario games that nailed me down. I spent days and days trying to get through the stages and asking older people, with better coordination than a seven year old, to get me through the hard parts of some stages (curse you water worlds, curse you).

Ocarina of Time after that, I fell out of gaming for a while, but when I came to the states that was the game that brought me back in. I think I beat in maybe four marathon play sessions and just about cried at the end because damn it the game was over, there was no more, where would I get my fun now?

No game has caught my undivided attention recently though. Not for lack of quality, but I can't allow myself that kind of immersion any more. That crazy thing called 'real-life' keeps butting in. T_T
I'll have to say Final Fantasy X, because it was one of the games that touched me at the time, due to the situation I was in.

It also has a great, compelling story, like I've rarely seen in other video games.
Final Fantasy 7 until this moment I had no reall interest in RPG games they had all been 2d n boring this one really I remember being slightly reluctant to buy it but I was sooo glad I did coz it blew me away XD
resident evil (PS) Its funny now I look back but at the time this game was really scary epecially the first part where the zombie turns and looks at you with the dead eye n the supposed dead corpse springs to life u expect it now but back then it was all new
street fighter 2, mortal kombat n its kontraversy, virtua fighter being the 1st 3D fighting game, tomb raider n laras ahem! pixels oh man there are soooo many fond memories I have and now I'm a gaming hero often called upon to get my friends past certain parts in games and I havent let any of them down yet! XD
It´s hard to avoid FF7 for me aswell. The JRPG Xenogears also made an impression on my. Daggerfall for it´s immersion. Silent Hill, as it was the first game that I actually found scary. Ninja Gaiden (nes) for it´s cut-scenes. Another World on the Amiga for it´s cinematic feel. Shadow of the Beast (Amiga) for it´s music and graphics. Completely blew me away when I first saw it. Probably lot´s of other games that escapes me at the moment.
I remember playing Metal Gear Solid on the PS when I was 6 years old (call me a little nerd lol).Also I remember Medal Of Honor allied assault,during operation overlord when I was under heavy fire and hiding behind the invulnerable captain! X)
Best gaming memory for me was from "Fallout: A post Apocalyptic Role Playing Game" (seriously, that was the whole title heh). I had been running around with the NPC Ian in my party for a few hours leveling up, and a friend of mine was there, and 9 out of 10 times Ian, who was supposed to be GREAT with SMGs, would hit me, even when I wasn't in his line of fire, which was baffling enough. So my buddy finally goes "Hey, why don't you give him the super-sledge? Can't really hit you with crossfire that way." So I'm thinking, sure, why not? And besides, I'll save caps on ammo. So I give him the S.S., and in the first fight after that, his turn rolls around, and he walks right up to me and hits me in the head, with a crit, and my characters arms fly off and his head explodes, I look at my friend, he looks at me, and we both start laughing so hard we couldn't breathe, great times.
Age of Empires and Sonic definitely...those were the days. N64 ruled most of my childhood as well.
Final Fantasy VII arriving on the Playstation- as an 18 yr old uni student that game was the anti-degree. The only game I have waited outside a closed shop for, and to this day the best RPG I have ever played. Me and my best bud played through it for weeks on end... ah Sephiroth we hardly knew ye...
Gold Box Pool of Radiance c.1988. Named all our characters after different wine and liquor. (Jack Daniels? Paladin.) Memorable for the turn based combat, graph paper usage, code wheel, and monochrome green monitor. Later updated to a Color EGA monitor. Also memorable because we took the same party of characters through all four Forgotten Realms Gold Box games.
Ahhh Shadow of the Beast now there's a blast from the past when paralax scrolling was state of the art in graphix.. how far we have come since then...^_^
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Half-Life 2
Counterstrike 1.3
Lord of the Rings Online
smurfs, gi joe, pitfall, subrock, space invaders. mouse trap, lady bug, pac man.........
need to get my coleco vision revamped. they are still playable.
Super Mario Brothers - I wanted a Nintendo so bad and finally got one for my birthday. My friends and I took turns trying forever to master that game. And the way you would find tips out those days, like how to get all the extra guys, the contra code, etc.

A Link to the Past - My brother, his buddy and I took it on during a Spring Break. All week was dedicated to freeing poor Zelda.

Phatasmagoria - All point and clicks were popular at our house (King's Quest in particular from text based to full graphics), but brother and I took on Phastasmagoria right at the same time the whole Beatles anthology blitz was happening. I had nightmares that Lennon was trying to kill me in all varieties of ways. Phastasmagoria messed with my head something fierce!
JSRF or Jet Set Radio Future for the original xbox. I got it with my xbox on a split disc with sega gt 2002. With its great graphics (at the time) and awesome soundtrack, i couldnt get enough of that game.
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters on Sega Genesis, it was an awesome sidescroller, plus I loved the show. So win-win.
Sooo many.....

R-Type: I could watch the demo of this game over and over. I only dropped a few quarters in this one but the artwork and concepts that were shown in the demo opened me to the world of possibilities that is video games. I also missed the bus for school once while playing...

Ninja Gaiden 1&2: I loved this series. I had the best ideas for a follow up. I used to get so pissed at the f#*k%ng hawks that would hit you whilst jumping over chasms...

SuperC: Introduced me to that sweaty controller smell.

SMB3: The first time you got 3 matching cards at the end of a level says it all. I want that feeling for every day tasks...

Castlevania (3&4): I could spend hours listening to the hidden music player on these

Magician Lord: This was another one like R-Type. Mad inspiration. Still never got a sequel.

Streetfighter II: Mastering the shoryuken made me feel evolved.

Mortal Kombat: First time I saw a dude get launched on to a pit of spikes I was like "oh no they didn't!!"

Chrono Trigger: I wanted to live in that floating island.

Turok: For me, the first FPS I ever played. It was a good try and the weapons were some of the most impressive ever.

Goldeneye: It was like Mario Kart meets Doom meets tag. Sniper rifle ruled.

Mario 64: If I could wake up every day and discover this game all over again then life would be beautiful.

Ocarina of Time: I remember dropping MGS halfway through for this one.

skip a few

Shadow of Colossus: Best game I've ever played. Made me feel like there is still hope for this industry as a vehicle for art and creativity.

notice I kept the FF games out for brevity :)

ask me for more...
I think one of the best was staying up all night with Ben Brewer and beating streets of rage 1 through 3 on his genesis at my house. there were so many moments where we were screaming at the tv that my parents just set up pillows against their door so they could sleep.
that was also our first real exposure to the glory that was pixel-tits, boobies that are magically rendered in 8-64 bit.

A couple noone has mentioned so far were on the amiga Xenon 2 Megablast with bomb the base music n "rauw rauw rauw rauw" from the shop keep still in my head to this day.

The other is point and click adventure Operation Stealth closest thing to James Bond at the time. I was the only person in my familly who worked out how to escape when you have a rock attached to your ankles and you're thrown in the sea dying many times over b4 I work it out.
One of my greatest memories was probably watching my brother beat his games. The ones I remember were Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7, Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and Goldeneye. All of them were SO awesome to watch! I wasn't as good at RPGs or Shooters as he was, so it was always fun to watch =]. That's pretty much how him and I bonded anyway haha

Another memory that I have is crying during Powerstone....2? I think it was 2. I couldn't beat the last boss to save my LIFE! My bro and I literally tried for HOURS until I hit my tv and started crying... Then he began crying too =] Yea we were babies about it, but we NEVER forgot about it! haha
My best gaming memories of all time involve watching my dad play and beat Legend of Zelda on the NES like 10 times, watching my mom play PacMan on Sega and Mario on SNES, and watching my mom and my aunt duke it out on Tetris and/or Dr. Mario.

Beating Kirby on SNES was an amazing experience as well.

I also enjoyed being introduced to RTS games like Starcraft and Warcraft in elementary school, as well as the later Final Fantasy games (VII-X) in middle school (Squall for life :D)

Oh and of course getting callouses/blisters on my left thumb because of the friggin N64 joystick.
I'm going back in the day on this one.

Remembering being a child and having my cousin over to play Mario Bros. I can remember us setting on the floor and him "blowing in the game" to make it work better. LOL

Or playing Excite Bike over at his place. I always sat next to his Bon Jovi Poster. What can I say I loved 80s hair back then. I was 6 or so after all.

I also remember my dad trying to help me play pole position. FTW! I young and it was my first video game.
Ah, yes, nothing like blowing in the cartriges. And speaking of Atari, I also remember being young enough that Haunted House scared the blue blazes out of me, the original suvival horror for the home console!
Although i've always been a die hard Sony fan, i did own a gamecube and one of my most memorable experiences was how completely consumed and totally freaked out I was by Eternal Darkness... what a game!
For me my best gaming moment has to be waiting for Halo 3 it was just crazy seeing all the people lined up for a video game. It was a lot of fun too!!
Another big one for me was GTA:San Andreas. The did such an amazing job researching that game and getting into the mindset of life in that world that you really got drawn in. I spent months after that listening to 90s gangster rap... and im as wonderbread as it comes! lol.
Back then Duke Nuke'em was awesome ("It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of gum.") !

Deus Ex was great (also loved the soundtrack, anyone remember that?)!!

Rainbow Six Vegas - one of the best shooters ever IMO!

Frontlines:Fuel of War -very cool mulitplayer FPS 25 against 25 servers on xbox360!

Halo 3 - still the most played mulitplayer for xbox360 - and it's for a reason!!
Joint Operations Typhoon Rising, along with its expansion Excalation. First game I actually was able to play online and the gameplay was amazing way back when. It lost a lot of support from Novalogic, and had a lot of issues with punkbuster so it gradually lost popularity. I do think, though, if that game ever got its support back it would be a great game.
Duke Nukem was the first sweet game I ever played. It was sometime totally different back then, and being a kid, it was just plain bad ass.
Oh.. forgot to list the games! America's Army, Duke Nukem3D, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft, just to name a few.
Yeah, right Diablo was so cool!!
During my training time I was living in a hostel room next to next with all the other trainees. We asked the caretaker to drill some holes through our walls, he said: no problem! And so we could connect our PCs and then we played Duke Nukem all night!!
The Matrix Online - I s tarted back in 2005, best game i played so far. Maybe not the game itself, but the story, the players, the world, the combat system etc. It was a amazing experience. Rest in peace MxO...and hi QforQ :-P

AoC - Was good in the start, many dreams, but i lost interest in it as players was moving on to Warhammer. Had some good times tho.

SWG - Went on a server with some friends from my faction back in 2007. Was to start with also and we had some funny moments together there. Still playing it and waiting for TOR!!
My fondest memories are from GvG in Guild Wars. I'll never forget New Mandalore on Dantooine Bloodfin SWG though.
my memory takes me back when i played sonic the hedgehog 2 for the sega genesis i was in diapers and my father played pac-man
Mariocart 64 sitting around the apartment 4 of us going at it in battle mode. Game sessions went for hours. Nothing better then three for three green turtleshell smack down. The best aspect was when you were out you became the bomb. Most noteably the greast revenge aspect in any game. The look on your Buddies face. One ballon left two people down one to go flying around ticking off ballons on them and POW!. You lose cause guess what my bomb caught you. No other Mariocart compaired to the 64s handleing (minus the godawful controller) and just sheer fun of the battle modes. But becomeing the bomb made that game. Pity there hasnt been another one since.
I was totally addicted to Lemmings on the PC. Saving those cute little guys was a blast. This was WAY back when having a 486 made you a king in the PC community. (I had a mere 386 and Windows 1.3) Lemmings was actually run under DOS and getting the sound to work was real tricky. I actually wrote down the codes for the levels and sold them occassionally to my co-workers that got stuck in a level. LOL
Some of the fondest memories I have of gaming goes way back to the NES. Something about seeing the end of Ninja Gaiden that will stay with me through all of my years of gaming. Standing there on the mountain top with sash blowing in the wind. I thought that the graphics on that one end screen would never be surpassed. lol, I was wrong.
Max Payne 2 for PC. There were certain parts where an enmey would die and their death would be in slow motion, so I played through the entire game saving the point at which all of them were. Then me and a friend spent about two hours just going through these parts of the game trying to make the most spectacular kill scene ever. A dumb one but pretty fun at the time :)
I also have a memory of sneaking away from my babysitters and walking a mile back to my house as a 6 year old so I could play pitfall on the atari. The reason that I remember so clearly is because it was friday the 13th and the reason I remember that is because the color kept going to black and white and frightened the crap out of me till I ran screaming back to my babysitters.
my best memory would be playing Nintendo 64, playing golden eye double 07, when it first came out, when the 64 was 300 dollars, my dad went out in the middle of winter because i wanted one soo bad, and when call of duty world at war, that was when it first came out also, i stood in line for 3 hours waiting in line to get my pre ordered version.
Earthbound - SNES. I was TERRIFIED of the final boss battle of Gigyas when I was a kid. Everything leading up to that moment was pure gaming bliss. I never did beat Gigyas on that first playthrough. I didn't have the Pray nine times tip until years later. That boss fight still makes me anxious.
Motor City Online - without question. Part of the Need for Speed franchise, but focusing on classic American muscle cars. You had a massive list of customisable parts to improve performance (not just "upgrade kit 1") and a great community spirit. Great tracks, great music, great fun.
Was spoiled by being launched on an outdated engine, lack of advertising outside of the US and a culture not quite ready for instanced MMO play. Will never forgive them for canning it.
Ahhhhhh, Crash Bandicoot: wrath of cortex, my first video game ever. i was probably four but i loved the thing, even though i never finished it.

Backyard baseball 02? i played that daily, i always won=)

Rachet and clank series: wow im young but i got every one of those games untill i parted and went xbox 360 instead of PS3
I remember playing a good night of LBP and my friends Dani, and Fnook were in my pod and i was being humped by them. It was so great! my all time favorite picture!
My favorite video game memories are probably all the times we played N64 and PS2 in my friend's tiny bedroom on his old tv, back when we were in 4th grade and younger. Good times. :)
Panzer Dragoon Saga. I just had my Sega Saturn for a few months, and this was my second game. That game had an influence on the person I became, because it opened me to RPGs and manga/anime. I still consider it to be one of the best video games of all time (by today's standards, it lacks only in graphics quality).
Old school was Donkey Kong, Tron, Legend of Zelda(pretty much every one of them). But my most memorable game of ALL time is definitely my first ever MMO, EVERQUEST. I linked up with friends in msn messenger voice chat and we used it like vent. We ran 27 hour sessions where we would RUN to the bathroom, grab lunchmeat or chips and a Dew and run back so we weren't afk for too long. I remember the LONG hours of waiting at some drop site for whoever was there to leave so I could take my turn "camping" for the next piece of gear I needed. Too bad the person in front of me was camping it en mass to sell it in the tunnel of Eastern Commons. Still some fond and crazy memories, fighting dragons in 50man raid against 1 dragon. Highest level at that time was 50. WoW took that and "fixed" some of the rotten issues like trading stuff on your account with alts and running back to loot your corpse and getting killed a dozen times along the way. I still kinda miss playing with my old friends there..thank goodness for WoW WotLK!
The best game I ever played hands down was Diablo II. For online MMO it would be Tabula Rasa, alas not enough played so they closed it. Have kind of been wondering around for one to replace it but still no joy in mudville. Play DDO and have found the Aion beta to be very exciting, only time will tell. Tried WOW but found it not my cup of tea.Have been playing beta's like crazy to find a new Tabula Rasa, not there yet.
lForgot to metion that first gamed I played on a computer TRS-80 in 1978 was a text adventure game. The first game that scared the crap out of me was Doom. Played all verions of Doon and Quake.

Dark age of Camelot-In Frontiers, I have seen nothing like it, and long for the good ol' days...

Mario on N64, hilarious and addicting! "Bowser, I will crush you one day' :P

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on arcade system... Michelangelo and I are buds man! @ work but slow, so scarfin' some 'za, and kickin' some bad dudes butts was time well spent!

(this was a great forum post, thanks!)

Um VMK i had so many friends there
For me, the best memories comes from:

Infiltrator II (Commodore 64), one of the very first helicopter simulators. I will never forget the soviets yelling at you "Die! You capitaalist traitor dog!" lol

Doom 2 (PC) wow that was suspense! I remember junping up to the ceiling one day when i was playing coop with a friend and someone suddenly opened the room door.

Shattered Steel (PC) Not much to say, the best mexh simulator ever done, really good memories from it.

Dune 2000 (PC) and our great LAN wars, tons of fun.

Counterstrike (PC) It was sweet to hear all those people crying for getting their a** permanently kicked

Killer Instinct 1 (Arcade) and the endless tournaments... best of all, the winner always got a prize in cash, so we have a lot of pizza parties sponsored by the game :D

Priston Tale (PC) well, my very first mmorpg, that must count.
Mines got to be playing gran tourismo 1 and 2, sega sonic hedgehog 1 and 2, tekken 3 and wipeout best games of the 90's
Secret of Mana. I spent many hours back in the day playing that with my best friend [and wishing we had a SNES multi-tap so his brother could play] and I still consider it the best RPG I have ever played.

Also, X-Men 2: Clone Wars. Again, I spent many hours playing this with my best friend. We used to use a sega Game Genie to unlock Magneto early, but then we'd fight over who'd get to play as him. Of course once I played as him, I wanted to go back to Nightcrawler or Wolverine.
Ultima IV: Back in the days before online walkthroughs when you actualy had to figure things out yourself my best friend and I spent an entire year working through Ultima IV. We were very close to the end when I lent the disk (5.25 floppy) to another friend and he started a new game and saved over our game save! I never did see the end.

Other great memories:
Everquest 2: Joined an awesome guild of great people which led to many great memories.

Neverwinter Nights: Also found great people for MP games.
First into my head:

Space Quest
Toejam & Earl
Sam & Max Hit the Road
lol when i was really bored and started cheating on half life 2 and put a line of breens out and i take out a crowbar and hit him in the nuts and he died then i went to the other and took out the crossbow and shot him in the nuts and i pinned him all around then well yeah you get the point.....^^
Showing my age here, but I LOVED playing MicroProse's "Pirates" on my Commodore 64. Huge map and great game play for it's time - way ahead of any other game of the era. I spent countless hours a day playing trying to conquer Havana... I still have my Commodore and the game - maybe I'll dig it out and see if I still remember how to play =)
@chucklesnatas Never feel that you have to hide your age around here. I make no secret of the fact that I turn 32 next month and have been gaming longer than a good portion of the people who post on this site have been alive. We're a friendly bunch around here, and as long as you contribute to the conversation we couldn't give a rip what your age is.

Speaking of the good old C64, did you ever play a game that was dental themed? You had to remove bits of plaque from these huge teeth, and if you took too much time the teeth would turn black and fall out. I cannot remember the name, but it was fun. My mother got it at a dental hygienist convention she attended.
I played the dental game! What was the name of that?

I found it on gamefaqs - http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/c64/review/R99932.html Tooth Invanders. I didn't have a 64 though, so I wonder if they made it for Apple II or if I played it at a friend's house, since I remember it clearly in my head!
I did play the dental game - though it took a back seat to Summer and Winter Olympics. I have something like 250-300 games for it still, from strip poker to flight sims plus the arcade classics. I'll have to dig thru them and see what I have - I could start a museum or something =)
FYI, for anyone who's interested... Out of curiosity I looked around and found an emulator verion of Pirates! for PC, along with the map and manual. If you're interested, PST with your email and I'll send it to you. I am actually excited to play this game again!!
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